Photo by  Benjamin Allred


I'm a former military kid, mostly from Virginia & Alaska, and now call Salt Lake City, Utah home. I've lived in many places, in many houses, and am a very devoted homebody.

My style prioritizes natural light, varied textures, clean lines, intact history, and a focus on shaping the design to reflect the soul of the space and its inhabitants. In my own home, that means: lots of natural light (I’m solar powered, did you know?), The Office perpetually on in the background (our dog is named after Pam Beesly), and meaningful artwork that makes me smile (like a miniature painting from a favorite local artist). 

I always love to incorporate clean, natural, and classic-feeling elements. My aesthetic is heavily influenced by the craftsmanship and character of historic homes combined with the striking clean lines of modern design. I dream of old homes all the day long, and strive to create new spaces that will one day grow up to be historic.